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Coastal Carolina: Our Irma Retreat

Spring Island, SC

Hurricane Irma was sheer panic and anxiety for our family and so many of our friends. The stress of having to succumb to the massive power of Mother Nature was eased when we reached the Georgia state line, the mountains of North Carolina and the lowlands of South Carolina. But it was not until I entered the planned community of Spring Island, South Carolina, that I understood the meaning of the word "retreat" and why they are so important for us city dwellers.

Saint Augustine, FL

This is where we started. (Ok I took this photo earlier in the summer, but it makes a good point.) Saint Augustine has incredible history and charm. It can be a bit of tourist trap, but beyond the taffy shops and the ghost tours is a neat and tidy grid which is comfortable for walking and loaded with big beautiful trees.

What's important in this image are the trees. Notice how they frame this park and the adjacent street to draw the eye in with a pop of green. They remind us of nature amidst the concrete and asphalt. Now while this may not be your idea of a retreat it an homage to the natural environment.


Lake Lure, NC

This is where we stayed for the duration of the storm. Lake Lure is a snapshot in time and the setting for the 80's film Dirty Dancing. It is a true retreat with everything you'd expect- mountains, lake water, green trees and morning mist. But we were glued to the television hoping our city would make it through the storm while this small town of Lake Lure was making their own storm preparations.


Savannah, GA