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Pineapples, Bicycles and Bulb-outs (Oh My!): How this Small Village is Nailing it

Some cities always cry out for attention while others quietly progress with spectacular results. The sleepy little Village of Miami Shores, just seven miles north of downtown Miami, has been quietly tending to its small downtown with simple and bold designs. Where bigger cities tend to struggle with the small solutions, this village is blazing forward. Let's see how.

Just to be clear, the name "village" conjures images of a quaint mountain settlement with lush green landscape, fuzzy white sheep and a simple life. Specifically I think of the Swiss Alps and the childhood character Heidi. Now I can guarantee there are no sightings of Heidi here, or even sheep for that matter, but there are elements of a quaint and slower pace of life which are made so much better by these designs below.


Less traffic, more people is a great equation for bicycles. In the last year, I began to notice these green bike symbols called sharrows. Sharrows mean that bikes can share the same road with cars. Most sharrow pavement markings are difficult to see and confusing to understand. Miami Shores made the standard markings better by painting them green and adding a sign "(hey dude) share the road".

Don't have your own bike? Miami Shores was one of the first to bring on dockless bike sharing. What is dockless bike share? Dockless bike share lets you rent a bike using an app on your phone. You pick up a bike on the street, pay, unlock it, ride and complete the transaction by leaving it wherever you'd like. Bikes are tracked and monitored through gps.