A Tropical Urban Oasis: How Upper Buena Vista Got it Right

Miami is a beautiful city with it's turquoise ocean and maze of water and bridges. Water inspires everything we do. It shapes our buildings, our road network our cityscape. But rarely do trees, flowers and landscaping influence our design in the same way. Flash forward to Upper Buena Vista-- a one-story retail/restaurant compound which was completely designed around the existing banyan and oak trees on the property.

This project is not just about the simply crafted buildings which are inspired by Thailand, Tel Aviv, Tokyo and Tulum, and the fresh and inventive tenants who were carefully curated after being discovered on their social media pages. It's about how the space was carefully designed around the beautiful banyan and oak trees to create a magical oasis in a blighted and derelict neighborhood. Let's see how they did it.

Her Cup Runneth Over:

I don't consider myself a Shakespeare buff, but the subheading is fitting. The tree is peering out from the lots interior and over the building. This could only happen with a one-story building. Not like my neighbor who decided to hack away at all the tree branches to max out his thirty-five foot height limit. These developers understood the magic of the trees and the value of preserving them.

The building street view appears to be almost an extended base of the tree with the wood trimmed exterior and bamboo fencing.