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Placemaking, We've Got this Miami

Miami Beach

You know those cities whose cool factor just eludes you? The ultra hip downtown with its farm fresh markets, organic raw vegan restaurants and stores with such original and kitsch trinkets you just can't get enough of? Ever scratch your head and wonder why these places are some damn cute? This, my friends, is what planners strive for. We call it placemaking. How to create that special ambiance that keeps 'em coming back for more? Here are some examples. Maybe you'll recognize a few (Miami).

The Farmer's Market, Great Barrington

You might recognize this town's name from last summer's blog. We go every summer. They've got real style when it comes to their weekend farmer's market. Striped linens, French enamel display pans, chalkboard and understated black and white sign with a cool font.

Yes, here it's as much about the display design as it is about the food. Those burlap table cloths and wooden produce boxes and baskets scream freshly picked! Made me feel like I was at the farm. That's my dad's dog, Sammie, in the foreground. No farmer's market is complete without the requisite cute dog.

But I love this taco stand--and not just the two cuties standing in front of it! Check out the taco sign hanging above the canopy. So cool.