Oooo la la, My Escape to Paris

As the epicenter of all things chic, I couldn't have been more thrilled to return to Paris last summer. Like Bordeaux, Paris has masterfully retrofit its streets and roadways to accommodate bicycles and buses without disrupting the city's beauty and charm. Listen up Miami. If Paris can retrofit their streets for bikes and buses, so can we! Here's how.

Bikeshare, Parisian Style

Paris takes bikeshare to a whole new level. The bicycles are not a commercial advertisement for the vendor's sponsor (so American). Paris' bikes are quintessentially Parisian from the subdued neutral gray color to the European style bicycle frame. Select bikeshare bicycles that reflect the city's style.

Divide and Conquer, A Sidewalk with Space for Everyone

Wide sidewalks are all the rage in Paris. What makes this sidewalk so great are the different zones which tell people how to use it. Bicycle and motorcycle parking along the edge, walking in the middle and a protected zone along the storefronts. Pavement markings, paving patterns and bollards help to delineate these areas.