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This Miami Food Hall's Best Dish Isn't on the Menu: It's a Community Thing

Food Halls
1-800-Lucky, Wynwood

It wasn't until my summer trip to London that I realized the extent of the food hall phenomena. It seemed that all the major department stores had their own food hall the origins of which can be found in European markets like London's Borough Market. This massive open air warehouse is a destination and a central hub for the local community and, of course, a few tourists. See all these people just hanging out and checking their phones? It's a great spot to connect (pun intended). So let's circle back to Miami. Is there anything even close to this in our hood? Hint, it's less flash, and more community impact, but you need to read to the very end to find the answer.

Food Halls
Borough Market, London


Design District
St. Roch Market, Design District

Contestant #1: St Roch

Tucked away on the second floor of the beautiful Palm Plaza, the St. Rich Market was really the first to hit the Miami scene. The entrance is understated, but the second story pergola, which is outfitted with modern, oversized swings that take me back to my childhood, begin to create a mini hub of activity, but enough to create a real community hub.

Design District
Escalator to St. Roch Market

From the base of the escalator, you'd never know the market was there. It's kind of a surprise when you reach the top and the first thing that catches your eye will be the swings.