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A Dog's Life: Not Another Blog About Savannah

This is Savannah--the classically planned town, dotted with jewels of parks, magnificent historic homes and lots of great spots for walking. But this is not another blog about Savannah. This one is about my dog.


Feeling slightly guilty for not giving my pup the attention she deserves with the new baby and all, I've decide to dedicate this latest blog entry to her.

There's nothing much special for dogs in Miami. Most parks shun them and those that allow dogs are filled with doggy poop bag dispenser which are almost always empty! And let's not forget the signs reminding dog owners of the two golden rules for fido: (1) Never let your dog off leash and (2) Always clean up after your dog. Yeah, yeah, we all know that stuff. There are many small dog parks with fenced in areas to discourage our four legged friends from fleeing their owners or running free (a novel concept). Which brings me to Savannah.


On our drive home from our summer trip to Asheville, we stopped overnight in Savannah. We checked into our dog friendly hotel (the Brice) complete with doggy treats, doggy bed and special doggy food. We mingled at the cocktail hour with other doggy friends and set out for a nice and relaxing doggy walk in Forsyth Park.


Crossing the street from hotel to the first Savannah square I happened upon this. Small, discreet, clever--a waste can exclusively for doggy poo. No sign necessary. A picture of a dog conveys its purpose entirely!


It gets better. Making our way to Forsyth Park we stop at the fountain for a photo op. Punch was more than happy to pose with her two favorite cuties.