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Parks: Keepin' it Real in West Palm Beach

Sometimes simplicity is just better. One of my favorite towns, West Palm Beach, does it again. George Petty Park is a shining example of how a small do-it-yourself park makes a big impact.

Within walking distance from my favorite relative's house, I come here quite often. Situated on a small waterfront lot, George Petty Park is a low tech approach to public spaces. Beautiful water view? Check. Sandy beach? Check. Playground equipment? Check. But it's not what you think.


George Petty Park Today:

After a grueling day of keeping the kids quiet at a full day of Rosh Hashana services, we headed to the park. The big kids were pooped, so my sister and I brought the little one to the tot lot down the street. But to my surprise, the park now had a new set of playground equipment. It was colorful and modern and I found my adult self wanting to test it out!


George Petty Park Then:

A few years back, this park was really bare bones. A wooden swing set made of what looks like reclaimed wood pilings and a pretty basic swing was the extent of the equipment. There may have been a slide too and rickety picnic table. It was all that was needed because the star of the park was this!

Beach and ocean. In the words of my old client Tony C. "a thing of beauty".