Now more than ever, cities are competing for talent...and the places with the best neighborhoods, walkable streets and engaged communities are winning. Created in 2009, MHCP COLAB focuses on making cities better by promoting these elements. 
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Miami Commission Approves Little Havana PPZ


Baywalk Pop-up Open Source Document

Read the open source document that describes the process for developing the pop-up and lessons learned.

Little Havana PPZ in

Miami Today


Published October 22, 2020

Safe + Secure Artwork Created by Artist Stephen Gamson











Artist Stephen Gamson's latest work for Nuvo Suites Safe + Secure campaign to provide a safe living space for front-line responders and displaced residents affected by COVID.

PPZs and TUPs

Alphabet Soup for Lunch​


MHCP COLAB is leading an effort to craft a Temporary Use Permitting (TUP) process for the West Palm Beach Downtown Development Authority. Think pop-up parks, temporary gardens and playgrounds. 


The firm completed a year long process to create a Pedestrian Priority Zone (PPZ) for the Little Havana neighborhood in Miami. Making streets safer to cross! 

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The Global Owl

Remember that Seinfeld episode about the close talker? How our ideas of too close have changed! Now I find myself reminiscing about places where people did get too close. 


With parks closed and cool pop-up events on hold, let's remember some of these places where close talkers were socially acceptable or at least an acceptable annoyance!

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